Digital Pilgrimage

Yikes! Where did all those cute pictures and stories of the kids go? Well, much like the puritans who settled this great land, we have gone on a quest for freedom. In this case, it is not so much religious freedom that we seek, but freedom from the oppression of non-customizable stylesheets, rigid header photo dimensions, and the like. Please update your bookmarks and RSS readers and join us at our new location,, a land flowing with custom CSS and that new header image which some of you have been hinting at for so long. Oh, and the kids are there too, I promise. We know that’s why you all come here.


One Response to Digital Pilgrimage

  1. Grandmother Evonne says:

    We thank you profusely! And while we love the kids’ stories and pictures, it’s also about you and Sarah. Love you all! Thanks.

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